Schoolab and Numa

In collaboration with the CPi, and as a part of its grand opening NUMA is launching a new multi-disciplinary educational experiment programme at the crossroads of academia, student life and entrepreneurship.

Our vision

We are the first incubator of innovative and multidisciplinary projects focused on “doing”.

It is an experimental laboratory with an international approach, where academics, students, entrepreneurs, businessmen and –women and prominent personalities in general will pool their resources to invent innovative training models based on experimentation.

Schoolab welcomes you!

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SchooLab will also launch periodic calls for programmes. As such, all projects put forward by external players (schools, student associations, companies, etc.) can be hosted by SchooLab and will benefit from its hybrid ecosystem.

The programmes will be selected according to criteria of openness, a multidisciplinary approach, and financial autonomy. The ultimate goal is to create value based on collaboration and information sharing.

Silicon Sentier + CPi = Schoolab

Between La Cantine (a pioneer of coworking spaces) and Le Camping (an accelerator of flagship start-ups within the panorama of French innovation) there was room for a hybrid academic and student entity, which seemed to be missing. SchooLab aims to fill this gap by linking entrepreneurship with innovation.

At the same time, and over the last decade, the CPi programme has taken the best of Silicon Valley (where it originated) and added its own French touch to launch in France the multidisciplinary education model based on high-impact and innovative projects on behalf of companies. A joint initiative of ESSEC, Ecole Centrale Paris and Strate Collège, CPi broke down conventional academic barriers. It is currently the leading programme in France for Open Innovation, Design Thinking and Lean Start-Ups, with over 200 completed projects, 6M euro raised and a network comprising over 1,000 alumni.

Pooling their strengths, Silicon Sentier and the team behind the CPi programme also draw on the support of several other innovative players in the world of education and an entire student community focused on innovation in launching SchooLab.

Schoolab’s activities

CPi Tuesdays

SchooLab’s first resident programme, CPi, which took over the premises on 19 November 2013 for the first time, will enable SchooLab to benefit from its decade of experience and leadership in Design Thinking, Lean Start-ups and Open Innovation. Every week, 120 students from ESSEC, Centrale Paris and Strate Collège will take over the premises to work on strategic projects aimed at creating new and innovative products and services. The projects are entrusted to them by partner companies (La Poste, KPMG, Sanofi, SWM, Thales, Hygena, Canal +, Technicolor, Europassistance and Otis).

Digital projects

As a continuation of the first Tous à Table workshops, ESIEA and SchooLab are working on the creation of new collaborative projects in the fields of science and digital technologies.


SchoolMe student meet-ups will enable students following a wide range of courses to share their skills through a peer-to-peer learning model.


Project-based SchoolPro training modules will be provided to companies wishing to develop their innovation abilities regarding co-creation and design thinking methods.


The LeBridge Innovation Camp programme groups together French and American students from Silicon Valley. It seeks to establish international links between teaching and innovation models.

About CPi

CPi is the first joint Design Thinking and Open Innovation programme involving 3 leading grandes écoles in the areas of engineering, management and design (Centrale Paris, ESSEC and Strate Collège). It was developed in partnership and with the support of companies.

A pioneer in France since 2004, CPi involves the collaboration of students in engineering, design and marketing with partner companies on the creation of new and innovative products, services and processes intended to be marketed. CPi strives to support students and companies in developing a culture of innovation. An educational platform intended to develop the innovators of the future, CPi is also (to participating companies) a laboratory of ideas and a testing ground for their own teams.

The team


Jean-Claude Charlet

#curiosity #commitment #facilitation

Entrepreneur and CPi programme director. After three years in Silicon Valley and a wealth of experiences in the web industry, Jean-Claude started and launched the CPi programme, designed with a view to positioning innovation as a driver of a cross-disciplinary and open approach, progress and social utility.


Julien Fayet

#entrepreneur #education #image

Entrepreneur and executive director of the CPi programme. Julien has a wealth of experience in the web and culture industry, including work with books and music, and founded L’oeil ouvert, a concept for selling visual art. He is responsible for educational engineering and student relations within CPi.


Olivier Cotinat

#web #international #basket

Entrepreneur and executive director of the CPi programme. Olivier has acquired extensive international experience, in particular at the European Commission on the subjects of education and innovation. He is also an entrepreneur and founded Flayr, which he chairs. He is responsible for Communications and Company Relations within CPi.


Frédéric Oru

#business #start-ups #education

Frédéric has been an engineer, researcher, computer scientist and business developer. Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, he is currently Deputy Managing Director at Silicon Sentier. Together with Schoolab, he wants to help students reveal their creative potential and prepare them for new working methods.


Gautier Favier

#data #design #learning-by-doing

Gautier is a student at École Boulle in DSAA Furniture Product Design. He is passionate about the way in which digital tools have changed our perspective of our environment. He focuses his approach on challenges related to data design, co-creation and education.


Claudio Vandi

#ux #design #co-creation

Claudio is an expert in cognitive ergonomics and usability at Silicon Xperience. Drawing on his training in semiotics and communication sciences, he worked as a researcher for LUTIN Userlab, and project manager at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie.


Valery Farcy

#education #learning-by-doing #share

After 20 years of experience in major digital companies, Valéry joined ELSIEA to work on the development of skills in the areas of science and digital technology.



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