Sharing experience with Adrien Aumont, co-founder of KissKissBankBank

Sharing Experience with Adrien Aumont, co-founder of KissKissBankBank & HelloMerci #sharing session

Date : 9 janvier 2014 15:00 – 17:00

Tags : Crowd funding, Sharing Experience

Participants (30) :   Asma BEN JEMAA, [email protected] yetongnon, Matthieu Eluard, Matthieu Eluard, Juan Diosdado, Arnaud Raget, Thomas Maitre, Sybille de saint louvent … Voir tous les participants

Fund creative and innovative projects, this is the credo of the site KissKissBankBank.

Adrien Aumont wanted to go further by launching its new platform Hellomerci.com. According to him, a number of projects are rejected by the moderation KissKissBankBank lack of creativity or innovation. "This may be the financing of a driving license, education or local business," said Adrien Aumont.