Outstanding ideas, pitches, and networking… and perhaps entries for Le Camping Season 6?”/>

Adopt a CTO: Girls in Tech Edition

Publié le 08 avril 2014 par Verity Baynton

Last week NUMA was blown away by 40 ambitious female entrepreneurs at Le Camping’s event ‘Adopt a CTO’.

Outstanding ideas, pitches, and networking… and perhaps entries for Le Camping Season 6?

Last week NUMA was blown away by 40 ambitious female entrepreneurs, all with one thing in common: they each had a super business idea, and were looking for an associate to help them realise their project.

It was for that reason that they had all come to Le Camping’s event ‘Adopt a CTO’.

A win-win format that brings long-lasting collaborations

The aim of the event is to help start-up founders find a CTO, and at the same time to introduce developers to project leaders.

Why? Because it is one of Le Camping's criterias for entry to the programme that each team has at least one person with technical skills. With the opening of applications for Season 6 around the corner, now is a great time for potential associations to take form. 

Indeed, a previous event brought together the members of Season 5 startups Bandsquare and Tripndrive!

In order to promote female entrepreneurship, this time we partnered with Girls in Tech to produce a special ‘girl CEOs only’ version of the soirée, introduced by Laure Némée, CTO of Leetchi.

The principle is simple: one minute per CEO to present her project, followed by a networking cocktail. It’s a format that’s proved successful, as attested by Stéphanie Leone, founder of an e-commerce website selling children’s clothes hand-knitted by grannies, who summed it up as, “Finally a real event that promises networking and orchestrates it. It’s simple and effective in a relaxed environment. Perfect!”


High quality ideas and pitches

Without a doubt, the CEOs delivered on quality as well as quantity. The variety of ideas was refreshing, with projects ranging from a connected bracelet that protects women from agression, to a web-platform for horse riders and owners, to an application to plan all of your tourist adventures.

Not only were the ideas presented inspiring, the pitches themselves were of a high standard. Several CEOs apologised that it was the first time they had spoken about their idea in front of an audience… before impressing the room with a snappy and professional pitch! This really is a skill not to be underestimated; a successful 60 second pitch requires conciseness, clarity, and a punchy style.

One CEO that hit that nail right on the head was Julia Vernin, founder of Eatrip, a culinary travel guide to the world, and winner of the evening's Best Pitch Prize. 

Many CTO and CEOs exchanged business cards, which leaves us excited to see what collaborations may form. And as the opening of applications for Season 6 Le Camping approaches, perhaps we might even see one of them become part of Le Camping!


#40Forward, by Google for Entrepreneurs

Take a look at #40Forward as well, Google for Entrepreneurs' programme that provides $1,000,000 in funding to partner organisations that are increasing the representation of women entrepreneurs in their startup communities. 


Inspired? Interested in applying to Le Camping for Season 6?

Come and find out more on the 16th April – information here!