Le Camping Season 5 startups


Cultivate your future

Agriconomie is a B2B market place specialized in the agricultural sector ; it creates a more efficient bridge between farmers and their products and inputs suppliers.

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  • Paolin Pascot, CEO
  • Clément Le Fournis, COO
  • Dinh Nguyen, CTO


Bring emerging artists on stage thanks to crowdfunding

BandSquare enable emerging artists to perform on stage thanks to a ticketing system based on crowdfunding principles: if enough people book their tickets, the concert is confirmed. We bring the venues, we have the audience. The production risk of an emerging artist is mutualized.

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  • Chloé Julien, CEO
  • Antoine Labbe, CTO


Spots & tricks tracker for skateboarders

Wodd is a hardware device + app for skaters to allow them to track their sessions, share their tricks, discover new spots in their city.

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  • Kevin Straszburger, CEO
  • Tristan Nicolas, COO/CMO
  • Martin Joubert, AD
  • Charles Passet, Hardware
  • Yann Nicolas, Software Architect


Your digital life, in the real world.

Qleek is just like a CD but for online content. It gives this content a physical life, by putting your favourite Youtube channel, Spotify playlist or Flickr albums back on your shelf, and allowing you to play them easily, without even turning your computer on.

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  • Ismail Salhi, CEO
  • Pierre-Rudolf Gerlach, CTO
  • Johanna Hartzheim, CDO


P2P video streaming solution

StreamRoot is a smart peer-to-peer video streaming solution that reduces drastically bandwidth costs for web video platforms, and improves the quality of service for the end users.

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  • Pierre-Louis Théron, CEO
  • Axel Delmas, CTO
  • Nikolay Rodionov, CPO


Personalized online shopping

TasteHit is a SaaS product recommendation engine for online shops that lets visitors control their shopping experience. Using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms TasteHit understands shoppers' tastes and behaves as the best virtual salesperson by increasing conversion and making shoppers more loyal.

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  • Alexei Kounine, CEO
  • Christopher Burger, CTO


Your daily dose of art

Artips sends a daily anecdote, witty and memorable, about an art masterpiece, to be read in 1 minute only. Artips makes art and its history more accessible both in terms of content and mobility

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  • Coline Debayle, CEO
  • Jean Perret, CTO


Easy data for marketers

Hublo allows marketers to set-up tracking for web analytics on their site visually and without relying on their tech teams.

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  • Cyril Gantzer, Founder
  • Léo Goffic, Founder
  • Etienne Le Scaon, Founder


Everywhere your business needs local eyes

LocalEyes is a mobile app that allows anyone to earn money on-the-go by collecting information in stores for brands and retailers. Brands and retailers can now check-on any product or service in real-time accross thousands of stores.

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  • Olivier Mougenot, CEO
  • Livio Lumbroso, CMO
  • Colin Valière, CTO


Easily analyze in real-time the metrics your really care about

Realytics is a real-time business and user centric analytics platform. We enable any connected business to measure and anticipate its activity in a quick and cost-efficient way.

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  • Guillaume Belmas, CEO
  • Sébastien Monteil, CTO
  • Grégory Bittan, Software Developer
  • Vincent Nguyen-Huu, Software Developer


Making reviewing cool again

TakeTracker introduces takes.io, a new way for sharing and annotating all visual elements involved in an audiovisual production.

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  • Alexis Ohayon, CEO
  • Jonathan Asquier, CMO
  • Anaël Beutot, CTO
  • Elie Siauve, Mobile Lead


Carsharing between travelers

Tripndrive offers free parking at the airport to travelers who will rent out their cars to other travelers arriving at the same airport. Renters will rent up to a 60% discount compare to traditional car rental companies.

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  • François-Xavier Leduc, CEO
  • Nicolas Cosme, CTO
  • Arthur de Keyzer, COO