Le Camping Season 4 startups


Software tools to include cognitively impaired persons in society

Auticiel develops software tools that cognitively impaired people can use in their everyday life to better communicate, to better interact and to be better integrated in the society. We already developped four apps : Autimo, Social Handy, Time In and Class It, available on the AppStore and the Google Play Store.

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  • Sarah Cherruault, CEO
  • François Dupayrat, CTO


Experts compete to find you the best flight

Darjeelin is a marketplace where travellers can source their flight search to a community of flight hackers, thus saving time and cutting airfares by up to 50%.


  • Charles Guilhamon, CEO 
  • Hugo Bailey, CTO


Read what you love, learn languages

Lingocracy allows you to improve your foreign language knowledge with any news article that interests you.


  • Maxime Vandegeerde, CEO
  • Yan Yang, CTO



Pricing Assistant

Optimize the pricing of your online stores

Pricing Assistant is a simple pricing tool that gives smart recommendations to e-merchants.


  • Martin de Charette, CEO
  • Sylvain Zimmer, CTO



Live sport commentaries

Sportdub improves sports fans' experience when they watch a game on TV.


  • Rodolphe Darves-Bornoz, CEO
  • Brice Durand, CTO



Reduce the food waste in supermarkets

Zéro-Gâchis aims to reduce food waste by providing services to supermarkets in order to optimise the amount of unsold food.


  • Paul-Adrien Menez, CEO
  • Christophe Menez, CFO
  • Nicolas Pieuchot, CTO

Cours Avenue

Book the right class at the best price

CoursAvenue.com is a free service that makes it easier to find, compare and enroll in all sorts of amazing classes at the best possible price. For the class providers, it facilitates their daily tasks and optimizes their booking rates.

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  • Nicolas Lagarde, CEO
  • Nima Izadi, CTO



Brainstorming interiors

Decovery is a place where experts and Home Design enthusiasts get together to help you transform your interior.


  • Arthur Fouvez, CEO
  • François Meteyer, Biz Dev
  • Florent Kosmala, CTO
  • Justine Muller – Web Design


Imagine a story. Build it, schedule it, bring it to life

Melusyn is a B2B software which helps producers and their team build all their entertainment projects (Film, TV, Web, Clips).


  • Octave Bory-Bert, CEO
  • Alexandre Péron, CMO
  • Hugo Cordier, CTO
  • Chloé Oternaud, UX Web
  • Noémie Prin, UX mobile


Bring back social media in real life

The digital identity of a store is fragmented and completely disconnected of his physical identity. We want to re-build this link through connected objects and an aggregator platform acting as a landing page for physical places.


  • Gauthier Nadaud, CEO
  • Romain Cochet, CTO
  • Raphaël Pluvinage, Designer


Easy planning with friends

Create the most user-friendly platform for collaborative planning, allowing friends to get together.

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  • Julien Hobeika, CEO
  • Nicolas Martier, CTO
  • Guillaume Michiels, CPO


Collaborative and interactive memories

Znappit creates collaborative memories from individual video contributions. Live your event through people's eyes.


  • Victor Grange, CEO
  • Adrien Dupuis, CPO
  • Nicolas Garnault, CTO