Le Camping Partners

L’Atelier is the interface between innovative practices and large companies. Its primary mission is to facilitate exchanges between BNP Paribas’ businesses and the ecosystem of innovation: entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and investment funds included. L’Atelier was therefore naturally interested in Le Camping, a program that aims to create environments conducive to the launch and development of innovative start-ups.

For the BNP Paribas retail bank in France, Le Camping is a new way to support innovation, as it strongly supports companies in all their projects. It is also the opportunity to combine the know-how and skills of its staff to develop innovative business projects. A bank of the real economy, BNP Paribas believes that its role involves teaching and increasing awareness about its businesses and its methods of financing in order to constantly improve its exchange with all economic and social actors.

The european social fund support projects to create employment. Created in 1957 by means of the Treaty of Rome, the European social fund is the principal financial mechanism of the European Union for the promotion of job creation. It supports the carrying out of the European Stratey for Employment (SEE). It is one of the 3 structured funds that are part of the European Union with a mission consisting of reducing the inequality of development and reenforcing economic and social cohesion between the countries and regions of the European Union.

Google, created by two students at Stanford, has become a major player in the Internet over the last ten years. The company’s DNA resides in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, inline with the values of accelerators such as Le Camping. Google France wishes to be engaged with local partners to support selected projects. Therefore, we have put togeher our know-how to support this partnership to make Le Camping more accessible and highlight the adventures undertaken by founders of start-ups. This partnership reflects our commitment to supporting the development of entrepreneurship in France and contributing with these partners within the emerging ecosystem of the Internet.

Île-de-France is the second region in the world, in terms of numbers of international organisations based here (O.E.C.D, Unesco, European Spatial Agency…). For a while now, Île-de-France has also been the first worldwide destination for business conferences, and the first European region for business fairs and events. Offering the biggest capacity for exposure in the world, the region hosts an average of 1,700 large-scale events every year.

At Orange we believe that working with partners is key to the success of tomorrow’s products and services that will transform our customers’ life. We understand that getting a new business off the ground is hard work. Orange Partner for start-ups is a team accompanying young companies in their technical, marketing and sales activities within an open-minded environment. We connect them to Orange innovators and help them get off to a flying start.

The SNCF has a strategy of innovation to promote constant invention in mobility, and make the train the most popular form of transport in France. Our company is exploring all sources of inspiration and drawing on outside expertise and ideas. We work with internet users via our Labs, with start-ups specialising in mobility aided by Ecomobilité Ventures (an investment company created in partnership with Orange, and Total), with developers through data.sncf.com – the Open Data platform set up to champion the development of applications that will revolutionise our services and with SNCF Développement, our subsidiary that promotes economic development, supporting small businesses start-up projects that meet our eligibility criteria (innovation, sustainable development, eco-mobility, etc.). At Le Camping, the SNCF, with the help of La Fabrique Digitale, has spotted digital ideas for new customer services which could be used by all of our business units. By working closely with the young entrepreneurs of Le Camping, for the 5th successive season, SNCF is looking to get to the heart of innovation, test out projects and invest. Through this fantastic melting pot of inventiveness, we are looking to improve our clients’ travelling experience over and over again.