Apply to be part of  Season 6!


Applications are now open! You have until the 9th June to submit your application online. 

Are you looking to accelerate the development of your startup?

Are you ambitious, forward thinking and innovative?

Do you want to live an immersive experience within the local technology ecosystem and join the legendary Le Camping Mafia?

Then you should apply for Le Camping Season 6: applications are now OPEN.


What Le Camping is looking for is simple

We want to hear from excellent teams who are…

– A real team of founders with complementary skills (business, technical & design/creative)

– Ready to benefit from an intense and high demanding programme

– Success-orientated, not faint-hearted

– Atypicalunique and motivated entrepreneurs, who realise there is a lot to learn

– Able to attend the entirety of the programme: September 2014-January 2015


Want to find out more about Le Camping?

We organise information sessions every two weeks at Le Camping.

Next sessions:

– Wednesday 30th April, 19:00-21:00 SIGN UP HERE

– Wednesday 14th May, 19:00-21:00 SIGN UP HERE

– Wednesday 28th May, 19:00-21:00 SIGN UP HERE



What is the selection process?

Our selection process takes place in 3 stages:


1. Step One: Apply online: – 17th April – 9th June

Your application will be reviewed by three of our evaluators (Le Camping’s team, Campers from previous seasons, mentors) who rate each application on a 6-star scale based on three criteria:  team, market opportunity, and level of innovation (usage or techno). 






2. Step Two: Meet the Jury – 30th June – 4th July

The first shortlist of 50 teams  will meet a jury panel of 7 over an interview of 15 minutes (5 min. pitch in English, 10 min. of questions in French.)

We take time to get to know your team and your vision. Your fit with Le Camping is another important consideration.

Because we are committed to helping each one of you, we give you the feedback left by the evaluators.



24 teams are retained for the final stage… Between these two phases, selected startups should expect to be challenged and be sent a lot of trying emails from our demanding and relentless jury…



3. Step Three: The Grand Finale  – 15st July – 18st July

The finalists pitch for eight minutes each, followed by a Q&A of 15 minutes. The pitch should include a demonstration of their product.

We like teams who show motivationenthusiasm, commitment, and preciseness. We are able to judge their suitability for the programme, which depends on those qualities.

Lots of discussion takes place among the jury, big decisions are taken, and the 12 startups of Season 6 are chosen.



The 12 selected startups join Le Camping and go into full acceleration mode from September 2014. 


A couple of dates for Le Camping Season 6

– Season 6 will run from September to December 2014. You will have the opportunity to meet your future bros and family at the end of July to break the ice and spend some quality bonding time together. Oh yeah.


– Demo Day Paris and European Roadshow will take place in January 2015, which will see the startups meeting investors and the European ecosystem. See some videos here.