Le Camping Season 3 startups



Augment is a mobile app that lets you visualize 3D products in real life, through your tablet or smartphone camera

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  • Jean-François Chianetta, CEO
  • Cyril Champier, CTO
  • Mickaël Jordan, Business & Marketing Manager


Fleex helps you learn English with your favourite videos on the web.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Guillaume Dupuy, CEO
  • Alexandre Point, CTO



Home'n'go is the service that makes home hunting simple.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Margaux Pelen, CEO
  • Adrien Pavillet, tech co-founder
  • Sebastien Zerah, tech co-founder



Poutsch is a free social tool to express and collect opinions online!

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Etienne Adriaenssen, tech
  • Melchior Schöller, business
  • Felix Winckler, legal


Stormz is a real-time brainstorming platform that fosters collaboration through the use of creative games that spark, explore and evaluate ideas.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Alexandre Eisenchteter, CEO
  • François de Metz, CTO
  • Jean-Denis Vauguet, COO


Webshell is a cloud platform enabling fast web and mobile application development thanks to a new programming language designed for easy API consumption and implementation.

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  • Thibaud Arnault, CEO
  • Arnaud Richard, CTO
  • Mehdi Medjaoui, COO
  • Tibor Vass, CMO


Explee is an online software which allows non-technical users to create amazing and pedagogical videos that enhance the impact of your ideas.

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  • Thomas Olivier CEO
  • Morgan Giraud, CTO


ForgetBox brings the cloud at Home for a faster, simpler and better access to your data.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Séverin Marcombes, CEO



Jellynote is the social platform about music creation and performance: create and share music scores and covers!

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Arthur Lenoir, CEO
  • Adrien Cognée, CTO
  • Baptiste Poirier, CFO


The world is in 3D. The web is in 2D. Sketchfab brings 3D to the web.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Alban Denoyel, CEO
  • Cédric Pinson, CTO
  • Pierre-Antoine Passet, CPO


Veezio is a fully automatic video analysis, optimization and indexing platform.

Website - Twitter

  • Steeve Morin, CEO
  • Thomas Meson, CTO


Whale Street

Whale Street develops a SaaS platform that helps finance professionals take better investment decisions by extracting relevant signals in real time from social media and the web.

Website - Twitter

  • Alexandre Hajjar, Biz Dev
  • Michaël Journo, CTO
  • Arthur Prat-Carrabin, CPO