Le Camping Season 2 startups



HereWeDate is a fun way to meet new people: play the game!

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  • Julien Hugon, CEO
  • Dan Podaru, CTO



LoungeUp gives your hotel guests or airline passengers access to local information, room service, a digital newsstand, and other concierge services directly on their personal tablet or mobile devices.

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  • Mathieu Pollet, CEO
  • Lionel Tressens, CTO


Onefeat is a social game where people achieve missions and earn points according to what they do in real life.

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  • Arnaud Ferreri, tech
  • Souheil Medaghri, business
  • Julien Dao, UX/design


Pilipop is a social game for kids to practice oral English and meet other children around the world.

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  • Soiny Duval, CTO & graphic designer
  • Elsa Prieto, CEO & designer





Skimm!, a disruptive, entirely software-based mobile payment system, enables its users to pay in participating stores, redeem promotional coupons and process user-to-user transactions.

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  • Antoine Sakho, president
  • Valentin Lautier, managing director
  • Julien Dauphant, technical director
  • Emilie Renno, artistic director


Siz (formerly Viewrz) allows spectators of an event or a TV show to access and share a video of what they just have seen on an on-demand basis.

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  • Alexei Kounine, CEO
  • Christopher Burger, CTO


Infinit enables users to securely access their data which is disseminated on a set of computing devices: PCs, laptops, smartphone, tablet etc.

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  • Julien Quintard, CEO
  • Baptiste Fradin, CTO


OleaPark uses social networks in order to blend physical and virtual presences - the ultimate networking tool for events.

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  • Florent Quinti, CEO
  • Karl Schaeffler, CTO


Pictarine turns your social networks into a photo experience.

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  • Guillaume Martin, CEO
  • Maxime Rafalimanana, CTO
  • Guillain Duvigneau, Art Director




qunb, or quantities & numbers, is the go-to web service to find, understand, and make sense out of any kind of quantitative information; be it finance, business, weather or sport.

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  • Cyrille Vincey, CEO
  • Jean-Baptiste Théard, CTO

Tv Show Time

TV Show Time has created the first place where you can track all the series, whether they are professional or amateur.

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  • Antonio Mendes Pinto, CEO
  • Talal Mazroui, CTO






Tell us what you like and your level of cooking skills and WeCook.fr will suggest meals for the week, or for one-off events that will beat your expectations.

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  • Matthieu Vincent, business development
  • Jérémie Prouteau, technical
  • Alexandre Grimault, R&D