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EuraTechnologies: a huge place, a soul, and a true source of inspiration for Le Camping

At Le Camping, we like to go and meet people who do the same thing as us, but elsewhere. Above all, we are always looking for inspiration. That is why we recently went to Lisbon to visit Beta-I, one of our European partners.

Even closer to home, we went to visit EuraTechnologies in Lille, just one hour from Paris. There we met EuraTechnologie’s CEO, Raouti Chehih, and Jérôme Fauquembergue, COO.

Published on the 22 April 2014 •

“Le Camping: it’s Rock, with real French spirit”

Cyrille Vincey, CEO of qunb and jury member for Season 5, shared the magic ingredients required in a team at Le Camping.

Published on the 27 February 2014 •

Warning *** New website ***

New place, new season 5, new website
As you know, 3 years ago, Le Camping took birth at the "Palais Brongniart" and accelerated its first season start-ups.
At that time in France, it was the first initiative and a sort of alien in the French ecosystem that was still very young.
After 3 years of existence, 60 start-ups took off from Le Camping and most of them are keep growing and growing.
We have since moved to NUMA and we are already taking the accelerator to the next level.
It’s why we are moving all the content of this

Published on the 14 January 2014 •

Le Camping in Vienna for Pioneers Festival

Le Camping has planted its tipi in Vienna for 2 days
From 30-31 October, the Pioneers Festival has brought together well-known national and international entrepreneurs, VC, tech-enthusiasts, Press, and pioneers in a variety of fields.
The event gathered more than 2,500 participants, focuses on entrepreneurship and innovative future technologies, and provides an event location that has housed some of the most powerful people not only in Austrian, but also in European history ? the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna.
Le Camping Team was there with several start-ups, including Jellynote from Season 3, Znappit, Smiirl and Cours Avenue issued from Season

Published on the 04 November 2013 •

Who will be the next 12 start-ups ?

Dive into the selection process for Season 5

It?s the perfect timing to dive into the selection process, bring you with us, and answer this question: HOW do we select 12 startups out of 250 applications ? This process has inspired us many animated discussions internally. And we want to share it with you by making it transparent : What are our criteria ? Who are the members of the Jury ? What is our process and agenda ?

Looking for innovative startup at this stage is kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack : How do you find it and recognize

Published on the 25 October 2013 •

The area of Sentier has really become Paris? tech hub

The magic continues after Le Camping and a great thing is going season after season: Campers are creating their own co-working space, and it’s becoming a real tradition. Thus, we have celebrated the creation of the "Chaudron", the "After", the "Saloon" and the last-born: "Le 39". Interview with Martin de Charette, CEO of Pricing Assistant.

You were the driving force behind the creation of this space. Why did you choose this initiative?
"Le 39 is a working space bringing together numerous startups within a stimulating environment. The idea is to create a space where startups feel welcome, where exchanges between

Published on the 07 October 2013 •

The women behind Business O Feminin

Only 3% of women are at the head of businesses in France
According to an article from Business O Feminin written in 2011 just 3% of French women between the ages of 18 and 64 were at the helm of a company (compared with 10% in the United States, 5.2% in the United Kingdom and 4.5% in Germany). More specifically in the field of innovation, the number still struggles to surpass 10% of CEOs. This is quite an alarming fact given that in 2013, 67% of French women stated that they would like to start up their own

Published on the 02 October 2013 •

Melusyn in Silicon Valley: Acceleration at Blackbox Connect

Melusyn at Blackbox Connect: a 2 weeks program that brings international startups to Silicon Valley

Blackbox is a two-week program that brings international startups to Silicon Valley to offer them resources needed to grow. In june, eight startups came to learn from entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and executives.
The start-ups are hosted at the Blackbox Mansion and spent the time working to jumpstart their startup, but also connecting with other entrepreneur communities.
This summer, Melusyn (start-up from Le Camping season 4) was selected to participate to this great program.

"We learned by helping other people, which is a natural thing to

Published on the 24 September 2013 •

One week in Silicon Valley

Time to take-off to Silicon Valley : the blog !

As Season 4 is coming to an end, and while we are packing our stuffs to move to the new big place with Silicon Sentier organization in October, we are thrilled to receive your applications for the next season. We are now focusing on designing season 5 program and cross an other step forward to grow internationally.
A few weeks ago, we have invested the big european cities in Paris, Berlin, London, Luxembourg, to meet the investors and get to know better the start-up eco-system. Now, it is time for us to

Published on the 28 August 2013 •

Pre-conceived ideas about entrepreneurship

The Myth vs. The Le Camping Truth
We are surrounded by many myths as regards entrepreneurship. This article is not about drawping up a list (many authors have already done that), but answer to questions and comments that we hear regularly at Le Camping. More specifically, to start your own business, many say that you have to?
Be born in Silicon Valley
The reason why Silicon Valley seems so amazing is certainly that today?s leading companies in the digital economy were all once startups there. For a few years now, however, other places have been emerging as great nexuses

Published on the 14 August 2013 •