Le Camping Season 1 startups


Bankin' provides a free mobile money manager.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Joan Burkovic, CEO
  • Robin Dauzon, CTO




Dabla provides a cross-device, mobile group messaging platform.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Pierre-Antoine Duchâteau, Co-founder, CEO
  • Jérémie Barbet, Co-founder, CTO



Itipic offers a generic basket and private interface store and share product visuals with semantic information linked to their original websites.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Fabienne Rousseau, CEO
  • Alain Beauvois, CTO





Mesagraph is a real time search engine for the Social Web. Unlike traditionnal search engines, Mesagraph filters and ranks search results based upon topics, properties and influence.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Sébastien Lefebvre, CEO
  • Cédric Delfosse
  • Guy Hugot-Derville, Chief Scientist
  • Alexandre Passant, PhD, Advisor, R+D


PrepMyFuture provides a web application to study more efficiently for standardized tests like the GMAT or the CFA.

Website - Twitter- Facebook

  • Achille Pinson, Co-founder
  • Richard Fielding, Co-founder, Chief Test Prep Expert


Studyka is the best place for companies to source new ideas and insights, to improve their employer branding and to identify the best student talent.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Charles Thou, CEO
  • Yohan Attal, COO
  • Yohann Melamed, CTO


Beansight provides a social network to crowdsource the future and rate people’s expertise.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Guillaume Wolf
  • Jean-Baptiste Claramonte
  • Steren Giannini
  • Cyril Dorsaz


docTrackr provides a web tool that helps businesses keep control of their documents even after they share them, all in real-time and anywhere.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Alex Negrea, CTO
  • Clément Cazalot, CEO


Kawet provides a mobile app creation plaftorm that gives any business or person the ability to make a native mobile app within minutes without any programming skills.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • OBenjamin Hardy, Co-founder/CEO
  • Charles Niaulin, Co-founder/CTO
  • Dante Planterose, Associate/Director of Sales
  • Yoann Basset, Associate/Tech Engineer
  • Grégoire Lhotellier, Associate/Tech Engineer
  • Benoît Borde, Associate/Tech Engineer
  • Julien Da Silva, Associate/Tech Engineer

P1 Security

Software editor and SaaS provider for security solutions to detect weaknesses in the telecom Core Network, monitor attacks and steer attackers.

Website - Twitter

  • Philippe Langlois, CEO/CTO
  • Pascaline Chotard, VP Engineering
  • Patrick Huguet, VP Business Development



With Skerou, snap a picture of your grocery receipt to track what you buy, and make your shopping simpler... and cheaper.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Grégory Thurin, CEO
  • Ludovic Galabru, CTO


Zifiz provides a retail tool for consumers to purchase, or find nearby products in real-time.

Website - Twitter - Facebook

  • Bora Kizil, CEO
  • Pierre-Antoine Antonini, CTO